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Catalogue Section

Catalogue items - 1796

Customers - 11,386

Countries - 31 (10394 - UK, 347 - USA,

169 - Australia, 76 - Canada, 70 - New Zealand, 55 - Germany, 52 - Netherlands, 34 - Norway, 33 - Sweden, 24 - Denmark, 20 - Ireland, 19 - South Africa, 17 - France, 13 - Spain, 11 - Belgium, 8 - Switzerland & Finland, 6 - Austria, 5 - Portugal & Italy, 4 - Singapore, 3 - Hungary & Japan, 2 - Iceland & Israel, 1 - Malta, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Greece & Czech Republic.

Directory Section

1290 entries in alphabetical section

1661 entries in 80 categories


The Canal Shop Company stocks canal books, videos and DVDs for the days when you are not boating, canal maps and guides to help in the planning of the current or next visit to the waterways, oval brass plaques and horse brasses to remind you of the canals and rivers, junctions, lock flights etc., that you have visited. Gifts for yourself and others, all with an inland waterways theme.

Included within the site is a very comprehensive waterways website directory to help you surf the canals and rivers.

The company is also now stocking a growing range of items for the motor caravanner.


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The canal catalogue features all manner of items related to the inland waterways of the United Kingdom. Some items that are not connected with the waterways are included so that all of a suppliers range is featured.

Just some of the categories listed are (with quantities in that category in brackets) - books(386), guides(46), maps(88), DVDs(163), videos(20), bridge plaques(163), horse brasses(63), cross stitch kits(181), prints(185), model boats(24), tea towels(24), t-shirts(32), jigsaws(15) and more.

Increasing numbers of boaters are also interested in campervans and motor homes, and The Canal Shop Company now stocks a growing range of items that will appeal to those people. This section of the site features the following categories (again with quantities in brackets) - books(12), guides(2), maps(42), VW campervan items(14), t-shirts(10).

The website directory hopes to cater for all individuals who like to browse for information or shop for items on the internet. The directory lists companies, organisations, clubs etc. and individuals in two ways, alphabetically and by category. Anybody who has a waterways related site can be listed.

Please note that this is a website directory, there are other companies etc out there that do not have a website and they are not listed.

Latest Additions
NarrowBoat Summer 2012 magazine

Heron Map of the Broads

2016 Nicholson map of Great Britain

2016 Nicholson Grand Union & Oxford guide

Heron Four Counties Ring map



The Canal Shop Blog has now been deleted.

It didn’t work out as expected, too many people trying to post too many inappropriate comments, and continue to do so even though none of their comments got through.

I did try limiting comments to people who registered, but too few wanted to do that just to leave a comment, so it has been shut down.

Canal Catalogue

Campervan Catalogue

Website Directory

Railway Catalogue

The latest section to be added to the website is this railway catalogue. This section of the site features the following categories (again with quantities in brackets) - books(1), jigsaws(15).

nicholson grand union oxford guide nicholson inland waterways map of great britain Heron map of the Broads 2nd edition heron four counties ring map