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PLEASE NOTE - Only cheques and bank transfers for payment. Card payments are no longer being taken. Discounts now increased to 25%, except guides, maps and plaques.


Jigsaw - Boating Party Luncheon

Jigsaw - Boating Party Luncheon

Ref: 1165

1000 pieces. From a painting by Auguste Renoir and depicts exactly what the title suggests.

Finished size 20" x 27" approx.

Price: 9.00

Jigsaw - Canal Crossing

Jigsaw - Canal Crossing

Ref: 1652

500 pieces. From a painting by Kevin Parrish in 2002. It shows a boat tied up by a railway bridge where a steam train is about to cross.

Finished size 19" x 14" approx.

Price: 8.95