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Talking Book - The Flower of Gloster

Talking Book - The Flower of Gloster

Ref: 866

by E. Temple Thurston.

First published in 1911, this is Ernest Temple Thurston's evocative account of a springtime journey by boat around the canals of Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and Gloucestershire. It is a fascinating historic document of a canal system which was on the brink of closure.

The personalities and characters of the people of the canal and its rural surroundings are brilliantly brought to life by actress Diana Humphrey.

This is a set of 4 CD Rs with a total playing time of 4 hours 20 mins approx.

Price: 22.50

Talking Book - Worst Journey in the Midlands

Talking Book - Worst Journey in the Midlands

Ref: 1257

written & read by Sam Llewellyn.

Take one rotten rowing boat with Sam as its power unit. Draw a tortuous line on the map from Wales to Westminster through the canals and rivers of England, bend it a bit more to allow for closures. Then add a sprinkling of unfriendly natives, and the wettest October on record.

Set of 6 CD Rs, complete and unabridged with a playing time of 5 hours 35 mins approx.

Price: 27.50