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Soft Rope Shackle (Polyester) - White

Soft Rope Shackle (Polyester) - White

Ref: 300691

These soft Shackles make an ideal replacement for conventional metal shackles which helps reduce damage to paintwork.

  • They require no tools and are easy to open and close
  • Their light and soft properties will not damage paintwork and do not corrode or rust
  • They tighten under tension, yet are easy to open when relaxed
  • Their soft properties mean that they will not chaffe wear points
  • They are extremely light yet very strong

The polyester soft shackle is ideal for attaching narrowboat centre lines and side fenders.

B/L approx 1.4T
Our rope shackles are made from 5mm polyester with a finished diameter of approximately 8mm.
The shackle eye length is approximately 8cm when pulled straight.