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Imray - River Great Ouse & Tributaries (6th edition)

Imray - River Great Ouse & Tributaries (6th edition)

Ref: 104003

ISBN: 9781786792464

AREA COVERED - River Great Ouse & the Old West River (Denver to Bedford), Rivers Wissey, Little Ouse or Brandon Creek, Lark, Cam & the Cambridgeshire Lodes. This sixth edition has been expanded to include an extra 60 miles of navigable waterways not previously detailed, including the tidal section to Kings Lynn and gems such as the Cambridge Backs World Heritage site.

CONTENT - Overall map of area covered, further reading list and useful telephone numbers, EA Moorings, & distances. Description of waterways with maps and enlarged detail of locks, navigational notes.

DETAILS - Soft back, spiral bound. Scale 5cm to 1 kilometre / 3" to 1 mile (approx). Size 15.9cms x 23.4cms approx. 102 pages.

6th edition - 2021


Price: 14.95