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Cotswold Canal

DVD - Cotswold Canals

DVD - Cotswold Canals

Ref: 991617

This DVD follows the route of the Cotswold Canals from the River Thames in the east to the River Severn in the west and looks at the restoration work and plans for re-opening the canals.

Starting with the opening of the Visitor Information Centre at Lechlade we track the Thames & Severn Canal past Latton Junction and through Sapperton Tunnel to Brimscombe Port and Stroud. From Stroud we follow the Stroudwater Navigation to Saul Junction and the direct link to the River Severn. Also coverage of the 10th annual Saul Festival.

Also included is a map of the route and information booklet.

Running time: 59 mins approx. DVD-R format.