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Romance of the Waterways


The Romance of the Waterways series of plates was issued in 1989/90, by the Bradford Exchange (series no. 26-R76-5) and consisted of 8 plates. The artist, Roger Kent, portrays an idealised view of life on the English canals at the turn of the 20th century. The plates are English porcelain by Royal Worcester. The plates all measure approx 8" in diameter.

These plates are not brand new, but are in excellent condition.

If all the plates in the series are not listed below then click 'View Complete Series' to view the whole set.

Plate - The Meeting (rotw1c)

Plate - The Meeting (rotw1c)

This is plate no. 1 in the series and the scene on the plate is of a horse drawn boat (the Bell) going under a split bridge (Stratford Canal?) and about to enter the lock beyond.

Certificate of Authenticity included.


Price: 13.00